Swarm Collection Service

Honeybee Swarm Collection

From mid-March to July (normally!) each year, honeybees have an impulse to swarm to increase their numbers. Many beekeepers take preventive measures but occasionally a swarm gets out and about.


A swarm of honeybees is a wonderful and often noisy spectacle. A swarm may contain 5,000 to 25,000 bees. They will look like a cloud of locusts about the size of a van and not be too high up in the air. They are rarely a threat to humans at this stage.


They will want to gather on a tree branch, fence, hedge, car, gate etc. These can be collected before they move to take up permanent residence somewhere locally.


Please note, we do not remove wasps, bumble bees and other insects. If you see a swarm, please call us on 07968 623 131 and we will see if we can get to you asap.


The area we cover is

  • Cheshire - all parts
  • Liverpool
  • Chester
  • Manchester (West and Centre)
  • Warrington

We can consider other areas but our distance may make it more practical for someone else to deal with your swarm.

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