Nucs for Sale - £150 including container

Nuc (Nucleus) colonies

We breed our bees and queens locally. A nuc is supplied with

  • 5 super (National) frames with at least four frames of brood and a marked Queen.
  • Carry/delivery box.
  • Delivery available for only £35 within Cheshire or neighbouring Counties.

Please note the following:

  • We use National Super frames and aim for wax cells and brood produced without sheet foundation. We can supply with brood frames, Modified National frames and Langstroth frames if required.
  • A specific time and date is required for delivery or collection. We will aim to meet this appointment but will inform you at least one week beforehand if the bees are not yet ready for despatch. This is a weather-dependent process and we have a number of checks and treatments to be completed before we sell our bees.

2024 nucs - still only £150 - SOLD OUT - Sorry

All our nucs for the 2024 season have now been pre-sold. We do apologise for not being able to satisfy the overwhelming demand. We are proud to allow the bees to breed and multiply as naturally as possible and never wish to over-commit what we can sensibly produce for sale.


For info only, we do have a delivery option within the Cheshire region, only £35.


Apologies once again to anyone requesting bees for sale.

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