Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I can keep bees?

We offer a free visit to see if you have a suitable site for a hive, discuss the various hive offerings available.


Will I feel pressured to sign a contract?

Often the pressure is the other way; clients want to start immediately! When you enter into a contract with us, we give you a 10 day cooling off period to remove any feeling of pressure. It’s a big decision and we don’t want to let the bees have any unnecessary disruption or disturbances.


I have to be in to give you access. Is this OK?

Beekeeping is very seasonal and very weather dependent. We would ideally like access at all times but we can discuss hive access arrangements during our initial visit.


Do any laws or licences apply to beekeeping?

There aren’t any specific laws. We will ask you to sign an Agreement and you will have time to read through this and ask questions. The Agreement is for the benefit of you, us, the bees and anyone else who may encounter them.


What do I do if somebody complains?

The best option is to talk with people and explain that you have expert assistance to minimise any risk and disturbance. It is rare for us to have to remove bees from a site because of complaints.


How can we offer such good deals?

There are four main reasons why you get such a good deal:

  1. We have made the investments in tools and equipment and we buy hives and hive parts in bulk.
  2. We have 'paid the price' for our education through learning, mistakes and mishaps.
  3. We are passionate about beekeeping. We do this more as a lifestyle choice and not for profiteering. Admittedly, we need to cover our costs but we work for and with the bees, not just ourselves and you.
  4. We do enjoy sponsorhip from some companies. 


Will I get stung?

Probably but not necessarily. How to not get stung:

  • Wear the protective equipment
  • Move slowly around your bees - a little like you would if you were up to your neck in a swimming pool
  • Be patient with your bees. They are not toys and are often busy
  • Observe your bees but don't interfere with them too much
  • A smoker helps - this causes the bees to want to feed on their stores and it reduces their ability to spread messages with pheromones

How to get stung:

  • Be noisy, mow right next to the hives
  • Bang the hive
  • Leave any protective equipment and the smoker in the shed
  • Block their entrance or poke it with a stick
  • Leap around to try to shoo away all the bees
  • open up the hive when a storm is approaching, when you don't have enough time and when you are showing off a bit to others.
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