Queens for Sale

Cheshire Bred Queens

Queens can be bought from various suppliers in the UK and imported from abroad. We are aiming to breed queens which are more localised to the climate of North West UK.


Whilst we breed queens for sale, we strive to improve the stock of native dark bees and so will actively support breeding programmes which allow the genetics and behavioural characteristics of the native European dark bee to flourish.

NOTE! All 2021 queens are currently pre-booked.

Queens are normally bred between mid-May and August of each year. This is a weather dependent activity and sales and distribution of bees are on a first come, first served basis.


Queen rearing in July and August are normally for stock improvement purposes and not for sale to others. We are happy to exchange queens and help with queenless hives where we can.

2021 Queen pricings 

Mated Queen bee   £21 plus £4 (postal) delivery = £25 each


Our Queens are marked on the thorax with the year code identification colur (White for 2021). We do not instrumentally inseminate the Queens or clip the wings.

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