Purchase a Hive


You become a hive owner with your own bee colony!


Similar to the managed hive option but you become the owner of the hive and the bees after two or three years. This is a wonderful way to enter into beekeeping as a lifetime hobby. Risks are very low as almost all contingencies are covered by the agreement. By the end of the lease-purchase period, you should understand and feel comfortable to manage your own hives and even to think about getting another hive or two


We have a choice of hives in a choice of colours to paint them.


Prices for a typical hive setup are £60 a month for a two-year arrangement and £50 a month for a three-year arrangement.


Detailed notes

  • Lease-purchase arrangement is 24 to 36 months’ duration
  • You become the owner of the hive and bees at the end of the arrangement and you manage the hives from there.
  • You will receive almost all of any honey yield obtained (excepting the sticky remains!).
  • We will endeavour to set you up with two fully established hives and colonies by the end of the agreement.


So what do you get?

  • Risk Assessment for the Host (for corporate clients, where required)
  • One new and complete beehive consisting of
    • Hive stand, hand-made and designed to suit your specific site needs
    • Inner hive (National style) consisting of open mesh floor, entrance block, brood box, queen excluder, two supers, crown board. Complete set of frames and foundation for the brrod and super boxes.
    • Outer hive (WBC style) consisting of base/entrance, four lifts and one roof. We can usually finish this outer hive in a colour of your choice from a range of suitable wood paints and stains
  • ​A similar new and complete beehive for the second season of beekeeping.
  • ​One rapid feeder.
  • One colony of bees. If the colony is not successful during the lease period, one additional (nucleus) colony shall be provided at no charge.
  • All bee and beehive treatments for the agreement period. Access will be required to the hive.
  • All the honey yield, excepting the remains left in the uncapping and extraction equipment which will be removed from site for cleaning. Please note, the honey yield in the first summer is not usually very significant.
  • Two complete inspections per year. All inspections will be appointed beforehand.
  • At least six further visits per year. All inspections will be appointed beforehand.
  • Hive records set up and record sheets produced.
  • Photographs of the bees and frames during inspections when the host is not present.
  • Visit explanations for up to two people at the time of the complete inspections.
  • Hive tool and smoker.
  • Protective bee suit and protective gloves for the host.
  • One year's paid membership and insurance to the British Beekeepers Association.
  • Registration and logging of the hive onto Beebase.
  • Telephone, email, Whatsapp remote support.
  • Assuming the site situations are acceptable, a second hive and colony will be provided with the second colony coming from a 'split' of the original colony.


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