Honey Extraction Service

Getting Your honey for You

Honey extraction can be a messy business!  We can arrange to extract your honey from your hive(s) for you and to leave you a bucket (or more!) of rough filtered honey for you to jar or store.

This is a self-contained operation where an experienced beekeeper will come to your hive(s) and:

  1. set up a working area of 3m x 3m with a protective sheet base
  2. remove the honey laden supers from your hives
  3. uncap the honey manually with a special uncapping fork
  4. hand extract the (National) frames in a manually operated tangential four-frame extractor
  5. triple sieve the honey to remove wax and any other items
  6. supply you your honey in lidded 15lb or 30lb bucket(s)
  7. remove from site cappings, filter debris, sticky extractor, tools and sheet base

Cost to you

We charge a £40 fixed cost extraction fee for a single hive to cover travel, hive disassembly, honey extraction work, one 15lb bucket, hive re-assembly, removal and cleaning of equipment.


Additional hives are £20 each. If you are lucky to have more than five hives, these can be processed for £15 each.


Extra buckets will incur a charge of £9 per bucket to cover the cost of the bucket and the effort in filling it. You keep the bucket with your delicious honey inside.


Depending upon your hive and colony condition we can consider a fixed £10 cost for extraction and we keep the first 15lb from each hive. Your choice really but this minimises any cost, effort and mess to you.

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